Old Crow Wing

Picture of he Beaulieu house.  The house was constructed in 1847 and was moved back to Old Crow Wing in 1988.  Abraham Lincoln’s personal secretary John Nicolay along with Indian Agent William Dole of Washing DC were guests of Clement Beaulieu and stayed in this house in late August, early September 1862.


This site will from time to time show posts and the history of one of my favorite places, that is Old Crow Wing, a former village in Minnesota the stood where Crow Wing State Park is located just South of Brainerd Minnesota.

As a child, I spent many wonderful hours walking the trails, seeing the site of where the old town was located at.  I learned about the Ojibway and Dakota Indian nations and how they influenced the history of not only the town of Crow Wing but the entire state of Minnesota.

Fort Snelling, Saint Paul, Crow Wing, the Indian Agency eight miles west of Crow Wing, Fort Ripley, and Fort Ridgeley all played a role in shaping our states. Names like Snelling, Beaulieu, Morrison, Aitkin, Pierz, Aspenwell, Little Crow, and Chief Hole-in-the-Day and many others to name just a few shaped the state of Minnesota.  This blog will be about telling the story of Old Crow Wing.  I will post to irregularly and link it to my primary site The Bible In Your Hand.  I hope you will enjoy


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